Writer’s Block But Not Exactly

"writer's block"I am not having Writer’s Block.

I am having Newsletter block.

I decided once again to re-instate my Newsletter that I was doing last year. It was just a few issues. And this is PAID content. Not free. A weekly “newsletter” most likely. And I even created a blog post to announce it along with the price and the content and other details.


Then I don’t wanna do it! Not sure if it’s because I set myself a deadline unlike my freewheeling blogging which I do daily anyway… but something about MORE STRUCTURE even though it will help support the blog and I know I have peeps who love the writing.

So now I wonder if I will do it after all, after hemming and hawing and researching different ways to make it happen.

If I do the Newsletter, it will include: the stars for the week, my tarot for the week, other stuff, including an Ask MoonPluto column…

But now I’m not sure if I **will** do it.

Do you have any thoughts on this? If you would be interested in it? I would keep the rest of the blog/archives free. This would be something special as well it would be on the blog proper so the comments section would be open but private. Conversations could develop.

Sounds win-win all around for those who can afford 5 dollars a week.

I wonder what the block is exactly.


Would a weekly newsletter interest you, even at a small cost? Not that there would be a commitment involved, but generally speaking…

Love, MP

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