Wrath Or Passion: Mars In Libra 2014

Mars can bring out the worst. Mars can bring out the best. Courage, right? Or flash flood rage. But sometimes rage is necessary and just.


Been talking in the chat rooms about Mars in Virgo, conjoining many of our Plutos (and Uranus) and the seemingly unstoppable unquenchable fury which is the province of Mars Pluto, and I began to wonder about those with this aspect in the natal — those who cop to the rage and those who deny its existence.

Now I do believe Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (as one of the gals in one of the rooms has) WILL likely have a greater smoldering mastery of this aspect — long as it isn’t buzz-sawed in any direction: Mars is fast. Pluto takes her time before striking but when she does, you die a certain death (before being resurrected). Both are bloody.

AND THEN the Pluto in Libra folks chimed in because Mars will be in Libra for so damn long in 2014 and I suggest you find your Libra house and question the planets you have there, yes QUESTION THEM. Interrogation might be the better word. Do this before Mars swoops in and energizes, amplifies, furifies (yes I made that up) whatever you’ve got standing. Prepare for the fall.

Mars is also passion — and that’s one good way to work it. For me it will be a 2nd House matter and I’m not Pluto in Libra but I do have Uranus and Jupiter in Libra (not conjunct) and this will be about (in part, for me) a PASSION OF WORTH, a passion of independence, self-sufficiency. A passion of WHAT DO I WANT TO INCREASE IN MY LIFE. Passion for discovering what I value. 2nd House. It’s a Venus story. Self-worth.

Are you angry? Are you passionate? Both? Are you engaged in your life? This story, your Mars in Libra story hasn’t even begun yet. There’s time to figure this out. Time to ask the questions. Time to be bold and courageous. Time to be a LEADER in that area of your life. The General. The King.

One of the *best* things about this transit are the difficult aspects that will be made from Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. You will find it hard, harder, hardest to keep the peace that Mars in Libra prefers. Sometimes peace is bullshit. Nothing gets solved. Everything gets snowed. Mars in Libra on a good day is very much the PASSION FOR JUSTICE — but it will be much harder than usual to be fair, to be just, in 2014. FINALLY you will find out where YOU stand. You will find out where THEY stand. Mars in Libra is about your relationship(s).

What to do? I pulled a card of course and I got the Knight of Pentacles. Don’t stop moving forward. We are being shown a Knight and Knights are fearless. They RESCUE. They save. Sometimes they die trying in their armor. But this Knight in particular takes his own time. He’s an antidote to the savage Marsy moments of your life right now. I know I know, not that simple. But it’s a start…

As I wrote here the other day: when one thing lessens, something else gets bigger.

Love, MP

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