Works Of Love: Venus Retrograde In Capricorn (Still!)

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only sane one at the inn. That no one is reliable. No one is solid. And then I realize this isn’t true. In my moments of lucidity I realize this isn’t true. For the sane among us (and even the insane), there are moments of fear and doubt and moments of mountain courage. And sometimes these moments are the exact same thing. I like, I crave, I NEED people I can rely on. And maybe that’s too much to ask (is what I ponder). That perhaps what I seek is… Gods and not men (or women). The unflawed! Or maybe it’s just earth signs 🙂 I think of my Taurus friends — no matter how unhinged they get (and oh lordy they do!), there is this foundation of THOU SHALT ROOT HERE.


This is not Taurus Season, MoonPluto! Why are you mentioning Taurus?

Because Venus is retrograde and goes direct on the 31st and until that time we are DEEP DEEP DEEP into asking ourselves what we truly VALUE, what is important – and this discussion of what is okay or not okay (values!) what is SANE OR NOT SANE to us — is very Venus, whether you go the Libra route or the Taurus route. Both are social signs but Libra is more into the place settings and Taurus prefers the meal.

Venus is in Capricorn now and Venus Saturn combinations… hmm how to put it? For Venus Saturn combinations, love is CONDITIONAL. I am a Venus Saturn girl myself. Venus square Saturn. Saturn ruling my 5th House. Saturn is the topmost planet in my chart, in my 9th House AND my Saturn is in THOU SHALT ROOT HERE AND NOT MOVE AN INCH Taurus (another Taurus connection!). We be the tree. Is this always a good thing? Perhaps not. TOUCH THE HEM OF MY BOUNDARY, says Venus in Leo square Saturn 😉

But I digress…. 🙂 this blog post is to REMIND YOU that this mind and heart activity you are engaging in (Mercury sextile Saturn today! Mercury conjunct Venus tomorrow so think about love and TALK ABOUT LOVE please!) is MORE THANK OKAY. It’s expected. It’s recommended.

Also: ASSERT YOURSELF – Mars is square Jupiter on Wednesday. I have this in my natal. Assert your optimism. Assert your belief. Assert your Jupiter Joy Joy Joy! Mars is in Libra (relationships again!) and Jupiter is in (FEED ME) Cancer. Are you relationships feeding you?????


And speaking of feeding:

I was talking about joy on my Facebook today — because I suggested to someone (in an email reading) to cut just a little peephole into the cloth of dark times (Saturn transit!) so she could peer out. Like… buying a little (or big!) piece of chocolate cake. Not sharing it (no way says Taurus lol) Buying a piece of chocolate cake and smuggling it home, not letting anyone know, lighting your altar candles, sit in the peaceful candle-dark  ALONE IN GLORIOUS SOLITUDE and sending that chocolate cake home where it belongs 🙂

Are you doing the work of love? 

Love, MP

P.S. Homework for you, my pretties: whatever you do most of, do it LESS. If you give too much? Give less. If you give not enough? Give more. Do both sides. And really think about this. Because this probably plays out differently depending on the context and the relationship. See what changes! An experiment I created just for *you*


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