Working With The Mind: Sun In Cancer Advice For Moon Pluto People And Others

"Sun in Cancer"

I feel very equipped to talk to you about this now because I’m going through it myself: working with the mind. And body, actually, because the two are always connected, never far apart.

And this morning I was going to write about Libra, I was going to begin writing about signs that I’ve been neglecting. But instead I’m working with the mind. My mind. And maybe these two go together since Libra IS the mind, it’s an air sign, like Gemini, like Aquarius. Air signs think. I’m a water sign: I feel. Libra balances. Libra re-balances. With Saturn in Libra, we are all up to this important work, but Saturn-style. Doesn’t always feel… nice (Libra). And yet the two, like body and mind, go together.

I need to get air (mind), get faith (or inspiration, fire) and get earth (solid) to work with the mind. Need to work the elements, especially the elements that you lack in your chart. This is easy to do: just count them up. And try counting ONLY the personal planets and your ascendent. Who are you? I am Earth, Water, Earth, Water, Water, Water, and Fire. Where’s the detatchment? Where’s the perspective? It’s hard to find.  I need to find it. Now you may have a different combination. You may need to learn sensitivity or compassion. Balance, re-balance. 

So what do you do when thoughts are bothering you? And you try to run from them and they keep coming.  One of the best things to do is let them be there, off to the side a little. Not fighting them but not getting involved either. Ancient meditation practices of returning to the breath, focusing there, gently, never goes out of style. Unlike celebrity fashion 🙂 Try not to get involved in the story or get upset that thoughts are there. Let them be. Let them sit, the way the cats sit. Look at the cats in the room now. Do you see them? See how unconcerned they are with thoughts. Be like them. Because so much of the tension comes from fighting it. That’s where panic comes from. From fighting what is coming up inside. Be like Joy Adamson and Elsa the lion. Friends. Friends with your thoughts.

And I’ve talked about this before: that your thought is a baby in your arms. You don’t yell at the baby when the baby cries. you don’t hit the baby. You don’t insult the baby for crying. You soothe the baby. You love the baby. You tell the baby: there, there, it’s going to be okay. Whether you believe it or not. Faith.

This metaphor and this technique is the essence of Cancer, which is where our Sun is now so if you are having trouble with your mind, you can tap into this energy which is covering the earth, mother earth, mother energy, which is love.

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