Working Out With Saturn

"saturn in taurus"

It’s still raining in the Big City and I keep thinking about whether to run another errand in the Pisces Moon rain. Pisces Moon trine Mars in Cancer rain.

Besides “taking it on faith,” I was also recently told to focus more on “self-care,” which of course my Virgo Moon began to research. What is self-care. What does it mean for me? And yes I agreed with the person who told me this and it’s why I’m not pushing myself today.

Now, you may be one of those bubble bath people. Or one of those eat ’til you puke people. Or one of those jog-a-holics or make-up lovers and the way you pamper yourself is with Just. One. More. Lip. Gloss. Could be. No judgement here. We all have our things. We all have ways, or need to develop ways, to self-nurture. Otherwise? Otherwise what do you have? A room in the Hotel Ten O’ Wands 😉

I think many folks would start with the Moon: what does your Moon want, what does your Moon need. Or look at Venus, another lovely lady: what does she love, what does she value? I think we also need to look at Saturn because even though Saturn is fear… Saturn shows us… something that needs our effort. And the pay-off? Could be good.

I have Saturn in Taurus so Taurus stuff can be hard for me. I’ll avoid it. It’s not comfortable. And yet if I work that Taurus… hmm. Luxe!

Maybe you have Saturn in Scorpio. Maybe you fear deep deep intimacy. Maybe you have Saturn in Virgo. Maybe you fear routine or the body. Maybe you have Saturn in Cancer. Maybe you fear your mother. Maybe you have Saturn in Capricorn and you just don’t want to work. Saturn in Pisces? No one’s gonna make you merge! Not until you’re good and ready. And maybe you never will be.

And spend time, especially, on the element: is your Saturn in earth, water, fire, or air?

Remember that Saturn co-rules Aquarius and ain’t no one gonna make the Water-Bearer do nothing s/he don’t wanna do.

So here’s today’s exercise: find your natal Saturn and consider the sign your Saturn is in. Think about what that sign means.Do you see a connection between your Saturn and how you need to best take care of yourself?

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