Work, Money, And Faith: More Stray Thoughts From My 6th House Pisces North Node

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Work and money have always been obsessions for me because they were so hard for me to make sense of. Work that I could  show up for? Money that I could make? Huh? Writing was easy. Singing was easy. But how did that turn into anything? I remember my first astrologer (years ago in Iowa) telling me that I would “work hard at my creative endeavors.” I have Saturn ruling my 5th House. Serious. Serious art. Serious love. Serious art and love as work.

I remember when my mother died I was working full-time. Still a weird job, a caretaking job, but fulltime and it was really the FIRST TIME I was self-supporting and I remember thinking, “Well, if she was gonna go, at least she went now because I’ve got a job!” This was a BIG DEAL for Aliza.


What’s in your 2nd House? Earned Income and Self-Worth. 6th House is the work you do each day, your job. daily stuff. 10th is Career with a capital C. Status. Recognition. Top of your chart. People see the planets you have here, like with the 1st House.

When I see 2nd House transits, I see money: it could come or it could go. It’s an issue either way. 10th House transits definitely bring change. Maybe you grow in power. Maybe you get laid off. I’ve got various clients come to think of it with Mars or Saturn in their 10th now… or Venus in Gemini in their 10th… Fluctuations, change, going from stuck, to unstuck.

Everyone is always concerned with work of course. Work is money and money is security, survival.

But the missing piece is often faith. You’ll make more money the more you… put you into your work, while following your trines. I’m a big believer in the trine. That they open doors. People with trine-heavy charts take them for granted. Their good luck is just “who they are.”


I probably would have jumped off a bridge if I hadn’t of found my true work i.e. working for myself. It will no doubt develop, change. I have Gemini on my Mid-Heaven which means “more than one!”

My mother also went from working for others to being self-employed. I remember her struggle with it. Getting money in chunks and the lean years and I remember her telling me that she couldn’t go back to having a boss, despite the challenges. She was a Scorpio.


A related topic: if you are a 12th House/6th House person you must work. You must be of service. Even if you are independently wealthy, volunteering becomes necessary for your soul.

When I think of my South Node in Virgo my 12th, and Venus there too but in a different sign, I think of sexual service, wonder if I was a temple prostitute (I have Vesta conjunct my South Node and Ascendent by the way). And that in this lifetime I need to throw off those chains of the Sacred Virgin and embrace… only one other. North Node conjunct my 7th House cusp. Marriage.

Just some stray thoughts, y’all… I should blog about Vesta next… Stay tuned!


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