Woman Has Jupiter Conjunct Saturn By Transit

Jupiter is ON her Saturn in the 7th.

She is supposed to open up to this energy. But in the 7th House. Other people. (And her natal Saturn is trine her natal Jupiter.)

Does it HAVE to be love? No, it doesn’t.

Also: Jupiter isn’t really a nutcracker. Saturn is the nutcracker. Jupiter is a flag waver. OVER HERE! OVER HERE! HELP! HELP THIS ONE! HELP THIS VENUS SATURN IN THE 7th GIRL!

Jupiter comes to soften Saturn in Cancer. Can it be done?

Jupiter goes DIRECT on Thursday, ON her Mercury and ON her Saturn, twirling there, and far as I know she ain’t looking for love. But this aspect should ease all her 1:1 stuff, in general. And she may begin to feel her way around… what is possible. What she believes is possible. And feel lighter around people in general.

Girlfriend’s going to have a Jupiter trine and her natal Jupiter is in her 3rd so she could have a date at the library or…

I try not to tell people what to do. And I surely don’t tell people what they should want! But I see this and I wonder what exactly will multiply for this lady 🙂

Is Jupiter touring your 7th House? 

Love, MP

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