Witchery For Miss Pisces

"venus in leo retrograde" I asked for a blog topic and one gal, a Pisces, said WITCHERY!

Anything in particular?

How to connect with Source in daily life (she said).

Well, Miss Pisces, I’m glad you asked! 

I believe it is important to consciously connect and reconnect. This is how it is for me. I need reminders otherwise I get a bit slack. I lose track. And sometimes I have a firm routine (smudge in the morning, candle magick in the evening) and sometimes I don’t — but then I pull myself back and get a routine going again. (I also smudge whenever I feel the need.)

How to connect with Source?

Dear Miss Pisces, can you do at least one of these things on a daily basis?

*reading on spiritual topics that interest you – even a few pages
*watching YouTube videos that inspire you
*prayer (traditional or not)
*doing *anything* mindfully
*being in nature, drawing from the earth as you walk
*giving a reading or getting a reading about your purpose in life

And your mileage will vary of course, how much ceremony you want or how casual.

You can build your own routine, just like physical working out. This is spiritual working out. Maybe a semi-strict routine is better for you. 10 am every day you say a few choice words (prayer, incantation, mantra, invocation) plus 10 minute meditation (watching breath and/or seeking communication with Source) plus 10 minute yoga or qigong plus ????

Easiest: any time you can pause during your day and consciously think to yourself or say to yourself:

I am reconnecting to you, Source of All Life (or however you want to phrase it).

Solitude isn’t even necessary. You can connect while holding the baby, Miss Pisces.

Now in terms of witchery per se, maybe there is something you want to study, even informally. Or maybe you want to gussy up your altar. Experiment with circle casting or spell casting.

You could even draw a few Tarot cards: in what spiritual direction should I go at this time?

Many of us draw a card or two each morning, remembering that we are in direct communication with the Divine. 

Overall, let your spiritual life become something that you do, an action, no matter how brief, no matter how small. It can change your day. It can change your life !

You may also want to think about (if witchcraft interests you) what is on your mind the most at this time: protection? Exorcism? Drawing love or money to you? Spells for healing? And then craft a ritual for yourself.

Also, this is a very interesting week to reconnect to Source. I see Neptune going retrograde as increasing our magick. Mercury direct makes our intentions more clear. Saturn going back into Scorpio is spooky as hell. Stir your cauldron, Miss Pisces!

Neptune is spirituality and mysticism ALL THE TIME but retrograde I find him even more so, very Hermit, very High Priestess.

What say you, Miss Pisces (and others!)?

(P.S. I am running a special all this week: 60 minute readings at $90 instead of my usual $115)

"saturn in scorpio retrograde"