Wise Up! Full Moon In Capricorn July 3rd

"full moon in capricorn"

Good Morning! Here’s the latest from MoonPluto Astrology:

there’s a Full Moon in Capricorn next week! Tuesday, July 3rd.

Your homework: find 12 degrees in your chart! That’s right, folks, take out your chart (I know you keep a print out, right?) and find 12 degrees, give or take a few, in either direction, but pay special attention to the Cardinal Cross i.e. the signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra. That’s where the action will be!

Full Moons bring us news, revelations, endings (sometimes). On a Full Moon the coast is clear, the jig is up, we finally SEE. Full Moons are emotional, weighty, and yet Full Moons are the bright times unlike the darkness of New Moons when intentions are set…

And YET (there’s always an “and yet” with me) I like to set Full Moon intentions as well because Full Moons RELEASE and let go.

What is Capricorn about? Work. Working hard. Being strong and steady. Being responsible.

What is Cancer about? Home. Being protective. Allowing yourself to be sensitive, nurturing, vulnerable.

Capricorn is the world. Cancer is the private you, in your shell, alone or with others.

Can you balance these two energies?

And of course you find the Houses in your chart to see the specific areas of life that will be affected.

Here’s an example: 12 Capricorn for me is my 4th House. I have a feeling, and I’ve had this feeling for a while, that I will move this year (or early 2013). I think the curtain is closing on my Brooklyn life. I probably won’t leave New York (not yet anyway) but may move to a Bigger City (i.e. Manhattan).

Funny. Wait a minute. As I type this I realize that I am WRONG although I will leave this post as is. The Full Moon actually falls in my 5th House. Love. Creativity. Children. Fun. Opposing the 11th House of hopes and dreams and… it’s pretty close to the cusp so I will read it for both but it’s definitely in the 5th House.

Interesting (to me) that I was spacing on the 5th and focusing on the 4th. THAT is how intuition works. The “evidence” or “facts” are not always as strong as the “knowledge.”

You know what, guys? It’s probably both. Maybe I’ll move in with my love 🙂

How does 12 degrees Capricorn look for you?

Love, Mama MP

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