Wise Mind: New Moon Solar Eclipse In Gemini

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

Thursday morning in the Big City and here’s something for you to ponder and I will do the same–

The New Moon Eclipse will be conjunct the transiting South Node and the wisdom about South Node, transiting or natal is about “not going there” because we already KNOW how to go there. Habits, patterns, default, from previous lifetimes even.

We are called to master the energies of the South Node while HEADING NORTH!

This Eclipse wants you to fine-tune what you are already doing, what you already know, and then leave those lessons behind, making space for the new. I mean, you don’t keep chewing your food over and over, right? You chew it, you swallow, you move on!


So this Eclipse is, at the very least, 2-fold–

One must let go of South Node energy (in this case having to do with Gemini but also regarding the areas of life of the house in your chart where Gemini is) while remembering this is a new new NEW MOON. Let go. Bring in. Tide goes out. Tide comes in. The Universe loves a vacuum, wants to fill that shit up!


And it’s not just the Gemini House of your chart but also the Sagittarius House (Sagittarius opposes Gemini on the wheel) and the Pisces House and the Virgo House — the entire MUTABLE CROSS is at stake right here RIGHT NOW IN YOUR LIFE.

So find these sweet lovely kittens in your own zodiac wheel. Give them some love and fresh water and a snack and a new scratching post and maybe a new cat bed even though you and I both know that cats may turn their nose up at the new cat bed and just sleep on the linoleum where you casually tossed that sweater last night.

You are at a crossroads, a passionate crossroads. What next? This is your life. Let the Eclipse guide you. Let it SHOW you. What do you choose?


This Eclipse is about the 411 (information – Gemini) and about being busy (Virgo) finding your truth (Sagittarius, sign of prophecy), using your intuition (Pisces) to make sense of the life in the houses where this Eclipse energy is happening.

This Eclipse IS your WISE MIND.

Make the Mutable Cross in your chart f l o w better.

For me? It’s on my angles, conjunct my Mid-Heaven but in my 9th House AND squaring my natal Nodes. Whoo-hoo!

Crossroads, my friends. Crossroads.

Ritual for this New Moon. Make your own cross. Decorate it. Draw it. Build it. Clay, magic marker, wood, visualization. Choose your method and your medium. Celebrate where you are at NOW, right now, with creating something.

I used to collect rosaries when I was a teenager. My Jewish mother just loved that (not really) and if I still had them, I’d dig them out. Which reminds me, maybe I do have one in my storage box out in the living room… but I digress.

What I’m going to do is use a Post-It. I am very VERY into my Post-its. And I am going to draw a cross on that Post-it and I am going to POST IT above my desk, among the other post-its, including my reminder to REST and my reminder of my pal Susan’s birthday and my reminder to write about the Uranus Pluto square and my post-it to study kabbalah, wicca, reiki, other healing, and my reminder to vaccuum and my reminder to go to my PO Box and my reminder that the solution now for me is Neptune and not Saturn and my list of things to do and see what I’m doing here? THIS is the Virgo part of the Cross: the list, the duties, the details.

But Gemini? Gemini flies the fuck out of there. That’s the tension. Gemini i.e. Mercury is the messenger and the message, and Sagittarius is FREEDOM, the road, and Pisces lets go but it’s Virgo who filled in the blanks.

Bottom line for me is that this Eclipse is about freedom and options. Not having to know it all perfectly (Virgo) and not erring on the side of escape or hiding (Pisces) but learning (Gemini) and then setting off on a new road (Sagittarius).

Love, MP

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