Wisdom vs Struggle: Today’s Pluto!

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don't struggle with the boat

Sometimes a chart answers a client’s questions so clearly and profoundly that it’s spooky-good. And they could have picked any astrologer or teacher on the internet and they picked me for this moment, this question, this time. I may be #27 or #270 in their search but it doesn’t matter.

So life puts people and events in our way. Not just to piss us off (sly smile) but to challenge us (annoyed half-smile), bring us joy (happy face), make us feel God (hands in prayer position).

I believe we can feel blocks in a chart – or not. Even before we look at all the details. We feel it. Maybe I shouldn’t say “we” — this could be just “me” i.e. that I have a watery chart. You may have different words to describe how you feel (there I go again!) when faced with a chart.

But this morning, I didn’t feel blocks in this person’s chart. I felt challenges, sure, but they were more like “play” more like “navigation”– There wasn’t a feeling of “Oh oh oh oh… no.”

Ever notice you can see the clear road ahead for others, but not for yourself? But then sometimes you CAN see it for yourself too.

Wisdom vs struggle, wisdom vs struggle, wisdom vs struggle…. this pair is part of Isabel Hickey’s fine list in her Pluto chapter. I wrote it here three times because I was actually saying it out loud to myself–

We don’t have to struggle with our charts. We need to get in between our charts. Kind of like sneaking into bed when you are a kid, between your parents or… the way a cat finds the smallest little place and makes her home there. It’s the Still Small Voice and… making it so you can hear it better. Wisdom vs Struggle: what does it mean to you? 

Willing not willful. Not ratcheting things up with emotions and intensity and overwhelm every chance you get, always pushing pushing pushing others or yourself even, for a reaction, for a result.

The high side of Pluto does NOT manipulate. The high side of Pluto sets free.

An image for this: a little boat tied to a dock in the wind is struggling. Untie it and let it go and… yeah.

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