Will Not Rescue, Will Not Save: Sun Opposition Saturn

"new moon in taurus"

I just tweeted something that I have to re-post here:

Do you feel young? Old? Timeless? The Sun is opposing Saturn all weekend which is better (ha!) than a double feature of This Is Your Life!

Sun vs. Saturn is about as far from touchy-feely as you can get.

The Sun is who you are and Saturn is “well, maybe you shouldn’t” or “don’t” or “STOP” or “NO!.”

Saturn is The Rules. Saturn delays. Saturn restricts. Saturn is caution. Saturn can put a damper on things, glass half empty, fear and fearfullness.

There can be guilt, self-blame, shame. Boundary issues arise because Saturn IS the boundary, the line, the limit. Yesterday I was writing about my ex-boyfriend’s Saturn squaring my Moon Pluto conjunction. There was a limit (Saturn) to the expression of feeling (Moon).

And with Sun opposition Saturn…. with the Sun being the faster moving body here… the Sun is throwing LIGHT on how you restrict yourself, on how you feel restricted, on how others restrict you in practical, reliable ways.

You feel stuck but try not blame anyone even though it’s an opposition. And try not to blame yourself because there’s no point. Instead, Saturn wants you to see clearly and own it.

The light from the Sun is a doubewide AHA MOMENT because it’s in Aries, it’s fast and hot and bright so catch it if you can and I think you can and will because this aspect gets tighter and then culminates mid-afternoon Big City time.

For all of us, this aspect is about self vs. other, Aries vs. Libra, who are you vs. who are they, what do you want vs. what do they want and will there be harmony.

You will be asked to evaluate how you’re doing. It reminds me of that job interview question where you’re supposed to list three weaknesses UGH. Saturn wants to know them all. Saturn will expose them all.

The Sun in Aries is a ship on fire who doesn’t see you as he sails past the island of Saturn where you find yourself stuck and he WILL NOT RESCUE WILL NOT SAVE.

Transiting Saturn in your chart is where you are ย having a Reality Check so… check. Grab the groceries from the shelves of your humble existence and whatever else you need and go stand on line at the Reality Check and wait. You’ll know soon enough what this transit is about for you, what you need to make sense of in your life.

By Monday you’ll be a little more free.

(And if not, you can bitch about it here ;))


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