Why You Too Should Be Obsessed With Vesta!


When you think about sex you probably think about Mars or Venus or Pluto, but not about Vesta, right?

Thing is this, my friends, Vesta has plenty to do with sex and YOUR SEX LIFE. PLENTY.

Vesta, believe it or not, is where you are DIFFERENT (or not). Vesta is where you stray from convention. Where you practice self-denial or where you go to extremes. Yes, sexually. And I mean this in terms of a “strong” Vesta — heavily aspected for example or with “difficult” aspects.

She has many other associations too, including that of FIRE and today in the Goddess Asteroid class (and on Facebook) I made a connection between how helpful it can be to know where your Vesta is. That Vesta is the “missing” fire in your chart. Low on fire signs or fire houses? Find Vesta. Keeper of the sacred eternal flame. (And if you want to know more details of the mythology, please Google for more.)

The Vestal Virgins led lives of service. They were not permitted to let the fire go out thus we find these keywords: COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, FOCUS.

And then there is the matter of sex. The Vestal Virgins were “chaste,” belonging to no man (through marriage) thus a strong Vesta can mean that the way you want to do sex and relationships is, well, not so traditional. Or not so committed (partnership-wise) and that you have a different focus.

Challenges come when the strong Vesta person actually WANTS an intimate committed relationship and their mind is always on… spiritual service (or one night stands)… instead of figuring out how to relate to someone long term and with feeling!

Do you know where you Vesta is? 

Love, MP


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