Why The North Node In Libra Has Been Exhausting You

"north node in libra" Not a gripe, but an observation:

Thinking about Libra and the 7th House and their reputation for desiring balance/fairness, as well as their reputation for debate/devil’s advocate — (and NOT fairness in terms of ETHICS. Let me explain.)

See, it is arbitrary. It is not personal. It is a knee jerk reaction. They CANNOT help it.

Example: If YOU say chocolate, they will say vanilla.

Why? To create balance. To make it FAIR. If you say chocolate then OF COURSE vanilla needs a voice as well. Even if vanilla has nothing to do with anything and no one wants vanilla anyway!

That’s why we think they want to debate all the time. Due to the compulsion to fill in the other side.
No matter how inane.

I am NOT saying all Libra are inane. BUT I am saying that sometimes this compulsion for fairness trumps all sense!!!!

And you say to your Libra or 7th House friend: WTF? Why are you arguing for vanilla. You HATE vanilla.

It’s really spooky to see this in action. It’s like they HAVE to say NO to balance your YES or say YES to balance your NO.

And then NO one’s needs get met. Except for the Libra who had to create balance.


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