Why The Jupiter Pluto Trine Fascinates Me (October 11th)

"jupiter trine pluto" Because I hate the square. Because I hate the Jupiter Pluto square (in a natal chart) thus the trine fascinates. How can these two work together and not ruin your character?

Okay I’m going to generalize now.

NOT everyone with Jupiter Pluto square is an asshole but I have seen this aspect cut corners. Or present an ethical problem. A moral problem. Think about it. Pluto is power mad and gleeful Jupiter expands what it touches. Pluto is not moral. Pluto doesn’t care. Pluto is magic and sex and death and is concerned with your personal growth so to speak but not necessarily your well being (or theirs) and certainly not DOING THE RIGHT THING.

Jupiter in Virgo wants to do the right thing real bad and does the right thing most of the time. I think with the trine even more so. Think about it. Think about all the WORK (Virgo/Capricorn) you can get done under this trine! How much easier it will be for you! And then think about the square. Imagine the square. That you want to do the right thing, you try to do the right thing but PLUTO. But Pluto. Pluto says: I want THIS. Pluto is dark desire. I wonder how many politicians have Jupiter square Pluto.

I see the square and I think: someone’s gonna try to get away with something. And I see the trine and I think: they have mastered their urge for power. Using for power for GOOD. There is no moral question here with next week’s trine. Virgo and Capricorn fit. But, again, imagine if this were Virgo (the do-gooder) and Sagittarius (the promise of the future)โ€ฆ nothing may get done. Or everything gets half done. Or not at all.

Do you have this aspect in your chart?

PS This aspect isย exact October 11th. 13 degrees Virgo/Capricorn

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