Why Should The Fire Die? Full Moon In Virgo March 8th

"full moon in virgo"

I feel more relaxed with Mars retrograde. When Mars was direct I was working ’round the clock, had just joined the gym, and my personal life felt like the 10 of Wands card from the Tarot.

When the Full Moon in Virgo comes, on March 8th and the Sun opposes the Moon and the Moon and Mars are conjunct… your life may feel on fire.

So much for relaxation.


Okay. Fire may be the wrong word here but I’m tired (see previous post). What I mean to say is “it’s a lot of energy” (energy being a Mars keyword) in one spot and for many of us? Our natal Plutos will be involved. Critical (Virgo) conflagration (Pluto). Critical as in picky and critical as in Life or Death.

Hmm. Maybe fire isn’t the wrong word after all.

Handle this day and the days leading up to it with kid gloves.

Funny I’m listening to a Pandora station and a song just came on called “Why Should The Fire Die” and it seems to fit.

Virgo asks why. Virgo asks WHY too much. And sometimes the fire has to die because YOU want to live.

I watch a lot of Rescue Me these days on streaming Netflix. And right now I’m watching one particular season over again because now I’ve watched the previous seasons and the context is there. I love this show and never fail to be in awe of what firefighters do, especially in the Big City here.

Running in to burning buildings and pulling out bodies, not knowing if they are alive or dead or almost dead.

Again the Moon in Aries today is on my mind. Pull out your own dead body. Save yourself. Pisces rules the Savior. Apply this wisdom to your own life. Let the other lives take care of themselves for a while. And when the smoke clears? Return to your post, return to service.

But… maybe your assignment will have changed!

I think that’s what this Full Moon will be about for many: your new post, your new assignment. Full Moons are emotional partly because things END but what if what if what if what if what if what needs to end is your refusal to recognize who you are and what you need.


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! 

And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!

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