Why Must We Go Back? Saturn In Scorpio, 2015

"saturn in scorpio" Saturn slithers back into Scorpio this Sunday.
Now say that five times fast: Saturn Slithers Scorpio Sunday!
June 14th.

Into the cauldron, but why?
Why this descent back back back back down down down down down into subterranean underworld Scorpio?

In the Tarot, the Death card is our Pluto card (Pluto is one of Scorpio’s ruling planets), symbolizing, we are told, change, and here we see (in the Rider Waite version) a skeleton, in armor, riding a white horse and holding a flag.

Is this you? Skeletal? Flesh stripped away? Is this how you feel? The NEED for armor? Protection? Saturn rules skin, you know. And bones. And of Pluto and Scorpio we often say: shedding skin.

"saturn retrograde" This IS you. You HAVE to go back. To the scene of the crime. Back to Saturn in Scorpio because you left something there. And you have to pick it up. Kind of like…. karmic dry-cleaning. I hope you didn’t lose your receipt 😉

Then and only then will you be permitted to get back on your horse, hoist your flag and go. Which is what Sagittarius always wants! To go!

Saturn enters Sagittarius again on September 17th. I think that’s enough time. I hope it’s enough time. Next chance? 2041.


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