A Christmas Story: Why I Love Diners (& the semi-sextile)

Something about diners comforts me. No matter what city I’m in.

It’s a childhood thing maybe — I grew up in Miami, home to Pumpernicks, Wolfies and Rascal House. The best of the best. We were a family who went to restaurants. Even the sounds comfort me. The spoon clinking in the coffee cup, stirring. There’s a certain diner din. A diner dun. A din-dee-do-dun-doo sound. Know what I  mean? People talking, clacking, clicking, chewing, sipping, gossiping DID YOU HEAR ABOUT SO AND SO? YES I HEARD ABOUT SO AND SO. The booths talk. The booths have stories. I prefer a booth — not a table — every time. And I like the counter if I’m alone. Decaf is my preferred drink. One Splenda (and please don’t lecture me about Splenda, thanks, or I will kick you out of my imaginary diner) and half and half. My heaven. And then the food arrives. Double heaven.

On this pro-astrologers forum, someone was asking about semi-sextiles. Did they consider them positive or negative and my answer was that the semi-sextile is daily life. Like the diner.

I said this: For me the semi sextile is just daily life. I almost always see charts with at least one, if not more, in consecutive signs.These are neither heartbreaks nor boons but the steady quotidian hum of your existence. The silence between the notes. Background.

I mean… I know not ALL Virgos have planets or placements in Leo or Libra but it makes total sense to me when they do! Especially the Leo/Virgo combo. Or the Libra/Scorpio combo. Or the Scorpio/Sag combo. Or the Sag/Cap for that matter. It’s just WHO WE ARE. Personality quirks. Like, of course that glorious Leo lady has a critical (Virgo) side! It may be hidden. It may be clear as day. But I think we tend to expect (and get) this level of complexity. Oh yeah he’s a wild Sag Sun but he’s intense too — that Scorpio Venus. And so on.

(I also do not believe the semi-sextile is anywhere near as disconcerting as the quincunx. I call the quincunx the WTF aspect as in WTF did you just do? I thought you were… someone else!)

And then the conversation got a little weird, so I took off. Conversations *always* get a little weird around here… 🙂

But I digress. Back to the diner. I was up early to go cat sit and forgot how empty the trains are Christmas morning and did my job and then decided on breakfast and it was busy as always and I found a spot, squeezing in at the counter and resisted bringing home a slice of pie for once and… I actually don’t have an epiphany. Just that when I want to feel at home, I sometimes have to leave home. And then come back home. To feel at home again 🙂

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. May you feel at home wherever you are today.

Love, MP


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