Why I Like Venus In Aries

"mercury opposition saturn" I’ve been listening to Pema Chodron again.
I’ve been reaching out to her since my late 20s.
Back then it was just books and CDs.
Now we have YouTube 🙂

And today I want to talk about “going to extremes.”

See, I understand what drives people to go to extremes.
Pain does.
Starvation does.
Shame does.
When you see someone habitually going to extremes, it’s a sign of a cycle. Samsara.

And of course when their cycle is getting in your way, in a bad way, you have the right to refuse their company. (And actually you can refuse anytime. You don’t need permission.)

I understand these fragile states because I’ve been there myself.

I look at the Stars This Week and I feel uneasy. It’s a fragile state we’re in.

The Sun is inconjunct Mars today.
This is edgy.
The Sun in Taurus doesn’t want to be pushed and the inconjunct in and of itself IS pushy.
Mars is pushier. Libra waits for you to unlock her mystery.

And tomorrow Venus enters Aries.
Aries is assertive. Aggressive.
You don’t have to mind read with Aries.
And I know there are exceptions (because people are complex) but I’d say Aries is one of the least manipulative signs. They can’t help but move forward and their aim is clear and true.

Tomorrow: Mercury opposes Saturn.

Key word for these days? BITCHY.

I’d avoid  trigger people, places, and situations.
Someone is bound to get slapped.

Looking towards the weekend and things settle down IF AND ONLY IF you are comfortable with your feelings.
Moon will be in Cancer making all kinds of aspects, good, bad, and ugh.

Which reminds me of another topic.

They say the Moon is best in Cancer because the Moon rules Cancer, but often I find these prized placements decided by the Astrologers of Yore are too cut and dried and YES Moon in Cancer is knee jerk sympathetic but knee-jerk sympathetic isn’t always a good thing. But then sometimes it is.

Venus in Aries is supposed to be a BAD placement. Aries is the opposite of Libra.
Too pushy, impatient, reckless, MASCULINE.
It’s Venus acting like Mars!
But a well aspected Venus in Aries will be far more pleasant to deal with (Venus aims to be pleasant) than a poorly aspected Venus in Libra.

Another thought:
Venus in Libra being the GOOD Libra or the best Libra I find to be reductive and flat out wrong.
See, we need to know the rules but also to THINK about them.
These “rules” were created IN a context. They aren’t essential. They aren’t nature.
These were men deciding that Venus was BEST being a good little lovely lady.

Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT putting down any one placement, just trying to make a point and hopefully you’ll give it some thought as we move through Venus in Aries…

how maybe just maybe this placement is actually IDEAL (for many of us) and how the Venus in Libra ideal is limiting for REAL women and REAL men because there are so many ways to express our femininity, masculinity, and everything in between.

Goodbye gender treachery! Let us embrace our inner Warrior with Venus in Aries 🙂

And if you find yourself feeling fragile or going to extremes, I recommend listening to Pema Chodron, with or without a Venus in Aries meditation.

There are many ways to be a lady 🙂 Up to you to discover what is best for you.

How do you like your Venus? 

Love, MP

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