Why I Like Aquarius Season And Why I Don’t

"aquarius season"

Why I don’t:

Because y’all square my Saturn. In Taurus. In the 9th House which is my perspective (9th) which has enough trouble with Saturn there. Saturn limits.

And y’all inconjunct my Cancer Stellium. In the 11th House. You’d think there’d be some sympathy there because the 11th is Aquarius’ natural house AND YET…

The gloom of the ennui of the dark days of the bare trees of the February of the of the of the of the of the of this time of year!

And this is nothing personal towards individual Aquarians. Just some times of year *feel* better than others to me. Have you noticed this? If you haven’t, then start noticing. And maybe it will shift as well. But it’s good to remember. Why? Because they you can adjust your behavior, know that some times of year you need to… adjust, relax, stop pushing, listen more. And at other times? Be relentless.

Actually… as I type this I am remembering my first astrology reading with my teacher who noticed that my Venus takes a sextile but also is in a t-square. And he noticed my Mars also has good aspects and also has squares. That my energy will fluctuate like this and when I HAVE the energy I just need to GO GO GO because soon enough the squares will kick in. Now this could be the story of any Cancer, really: fluctuating moods and stamina. But it’s also the story of planets who take hard and soft aspects. And it’s probably the human story as well, in genera. Yup!

Why I like Aquarius Season: the very early degrees trine my natal Uranus and my MC thus giving me a grand trine and I do not underestimate the holy trine! And then during the later degrees I’ll get a trine to my Jupiter, 2nd House = work (Aquarius is my 6th house) and money from work (2nd).

So at first: cool! And then comes: UGH. And then we finish off with: cool!

And I keep posting Marilyn pictures a) because I love her and b) because she’s got an Aquarius Moon and Venus in Aries, which fit the season and c) her North Node in Cancer is conjunct my Sun (I think. Need to doublecheck.)

How does Aquarius Season suit your chart? What time of year do you like best?


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