Who’s On First?

"moon pluto"
The Moon!

I’ve told this story before, but it’s on my mind again 🙂 I named myself/this blog Moon Pluto because of that aspect in my chart: Moon and Pluto conjunct, in Virgo, 1st House. Other than the conjunction itself, it has no “bad” aspects, only sextiles and trines. For this I am grateful 🙂

Still, what’s a Cancer Sun with an afflicted Moon to do? Don’t answer that 😉

And, see, when I found out that I had this aspect, during an astrology reading, years ago, it was an AHA MOMENT as in AHA SO THAT’S WHY I AM THE WAY I AM. I felt defined. And I didn’t mind. I didn’t feel limited by it. I felt… FINALLY someone sees who I am and can name it.

It was that big, that meaningful. It still is.

Any first house STUFF is gonna be all pervasive, all encompassing, all YOU, all the time, because the first house is YOU. Your default setting, as they say.

You know how much I love Isabel Hickey. This is some of what she has to say about the 1st house (and she has it in list form, but I am making it a paragraph here)–

The First House is what you look like. It is the personal self. Its chief characteristic is action — destiny in the making. It is the Present. It defines the personality, appearance, disposition, and manner. Also, outlook on life. The window through which you view the world. 

Do you have a show stopping First House? 

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