Whoa! Mercury Conjunct Uranus!

"mercury conjunct uranus"

How are you feeling today?

I put this Tarot card here because it’s how I’m feeling!

The planets are shifting. Let’s number the shifts, shall we?

Moon entered Leo.

Mercury is newly in Aries. Venus will enter Taurus tomorrow morning, Big City time.

Change change change.

Some things upcoming? Mercury Retrograde and the lovely Grand Trine in earth.

The Sun swims through mid-Pisces opposing Mars retrograde in Virgo. Did you fight with anyone today? Need to defend yourself?

Mercury conjunct Uranus though is truly the news of the day. Mercury is your mind and Uranus is a riot. Aries? War.

What did your mind get up to today? What did you see? 

We could also read it as… fast freaky talk!

Or, Pagans doing firey rituals. (Uranus rules Pagans).

Maybe Mercury Uranus for you will be nothing more than writing out your shopping list in goofy handwriting with a new pen. Hey. I think that’s great.

The Moon in Leo is going to trine Mercury Uranus in Aries: fire to fire. Leo is the heart. Aries is the head. With a trine? They think alike. Feel alike. Your feelings, your mood, your mind, what you want to say… is tinged with GENIUS. The unexpected. Something electric this way comes.

Do you have planets in the early degrees of fire or air? Are you on fire? Or fanning the flames!


PS I’ve had not time to respond to comments today (from what I remember) but hope to catch up soon.

As far as Readings go, YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings (and the other ones as usual) for the Full Moon in Virgo but probably won’t start scheduling again until Tuesday or Wednesday so email me for more info!

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