Who Put The Sex In Sextile?

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It’s a leap year this year. Tomorrow is February 29th. We usually have only 28 days in February.

My mother died in a leap year but that was using the Jewish calendar. Her yartzeit (anniversary of a death) is in early March. In the Jewish tradition, a 24-hour-burning candle is lit the night before. The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar.

I didn’t wake up thinking of this but it came to mind when I looked at my astro-calendar for something to blog about, some aspect happening today.

Well, the Sun already sextiled Pluto. The Moon will sextile Mercury this afternoon.

Sun and Pluto together: you turn crisis into gold.

Moon and Mercury together: you get along with yourself.

What do you make of the sextile?

I used to think they were overrated and sometimes I still say that. That they make you a “pleasant” person and not much else. My chart is full of them though so I took them for granted.

Not a sexy aspect.

I’ve changed my mind though. New appreciation for the sextile.

I knew someone years ago with a very “hard chart” — very VERY few soft aspects. All intensity and challenge. And her fixed planets made it hard to move forward.

Sextiles do help. Consider them to be a working aspect. You don’t get the famous automatic flow and ease like with a trine. They say with a sextile that you have to do something to activate it. And I was just about to say that sextiles make people like you and then I decided to turn again to the lovely March and McEvers to read their little list about sextiles and you know what they say?



self expression


Yup. Sounds about right to me!

Got sextiles? What else?


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P.S. Marilyn Monroe had Venus in Aries

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