Who Is Your Witness?

"moon pluto conjunction"
from the movie Witness

I know I write about the same topics over and over and I forget where I file them, which categories or tags.. and I know, here and there, I’ve written about the idea of the Witness. And I wish I had it in me right now to write about the legality of the witness, from the perspective of Jewish law or even in the modern world, in the U.S. and spin out my metaphors that way. Not gonna happen though. Not tonight.

But I thought about this as I went to feed the cats, to give them a snack and to give myself a snack and thinking of how my roommate, my quadruple Taurus, is my witness, is the Premier Witness to my life. And my ex-boyfriend, the Cancer, a close second.

We all need this, don’t we? And those of us without parents, we are grown children more than grown-ups. We have lost the ultimate witnesses. Like, going home for a visit and your mother saying, “You look good.” Or, noticing whatever change has changed.That your mood is better.

The years pass and sometimes you (I mean, me) forget. Until a moment as simple as feeding. My roommate, funny lady, has a habit of saying “Oh these cats must have done something really wonderful in their past lives…” i.e. that they wound up with me. She stretches out the words really long when she says it.

Someone is practicing the flute next door but it sounds like a toy, nice though. These sounds, this kitchen, these cats, this body, this hair, all these ridiculous feelings and insecurities and big big big worries. The years pass. And as I wrote in my previous post just now: WTF.

One reason why I loved Facebook so much (at first) was because it was full of witnesses, from my college days or earlier and without parents every scrap of the past, to this Cancer, is precious. Well, until I stopped hanging out on Facebook 😉

And you? Who is the witness to your life?

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