Who Are You? Sun vs. Moon

Of the Sun and the Moon, which is more important? What is the background of a person and what is the essence? Where do we find the soul? At the moment I’m thinking of the Sun sign as your cosmic wallpaper and the Moon as your… Damn. I’m trying to come up with a Sun-Moon theory and I know it’s not cooked yet. Or maybe we see only what we want to see: for example, let’s say you fall for a guy with Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon and the fire drains you but the water draws you in, so you come to the conclusion that the Moon sign is more important but the truth is you’ve got stars in your eyes.

Are Sun and Moon equally important? Can we say one matters more than the other? Can we ever ever dismiss the Sun in favor of the Moon? Of course the chart particulars matter, when talking about personality, especially if the Rising is the same as the Sun or the Moon. Or if an aspect to either one contributes to the Sun’s theme or the Moon’s theme. And yes, for some, the Sun and Moon are the same!

When I get to know a person, it’s as though there’s a grid in my head, a checklist, and I’m thinking: yep, that’s his Sun. Yep, that’s his Moon. Yep, that’s his Mercury Neptune square. I’m always looking for the reason why.

I know we can’t dismiss anything in the chart, especially the Sun, but I like to ask these kinds of questions. I want to know what you think.

Which do you cling to more? Your Sun or your Moon?

Note to self: who are you?Β 

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