Which Transit Did You Forget To Notice

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The weather in the Big Apple has turned heavenly. I don’t even know what the temperature is exactly today (just checked, 60 F)  but I know that it is COOL and a little windy and a cloudless sky and heaven. This is the time of year that I like… the transition from Libra to Scorpio, in terms of weather and planetary energy.

I was chatting with a friend last night about his chart. Transiting Saturn in Libra is conjunct his Venus right now. Serious Love. Could be serious money too.  At the very least it’s a transit where… you must slog forward no matter how blocked (Saturn) you feel.  And you do this by creating limits. What I mean is that Saturn is already doing the limiting/structuring so you match Saturn in kind… by defining (Saturn) the issue at hand.

Thinking about his Saturn Venus transit led me to remember that I am ALSO have a Saturn Venus transit: A GOOD ONE. And I had completely forgotten. I was so busy moaning and groaning over Saturn squaring my Sun, Saturn squaring my Mercury (now) and Saturn squaring my Mars (upcoming) that I completely overlooked Saturn sextiling my Venus! Now, Saturn also conjuncts my Jupiter as he sextiles my Venus but I will fucking take it! After all, Jupiter sextile Venus is THE exact aspect in my chart.

Saturn on Jupiter can dull the optimism but Saturn on Jupiter is also a reality check, showing you just what it will take. You know what? I don’t even see this as a dulling of the optimism but showing that staying optimistic and positive (not easy for Virgo Moon) takes WORK. That is the lesson. As if I didn’t know? But now I have to live it.

So this is my message/question for you today:  look at your transits. Is there a good one that you are overlooking as you over-focus on the challenging ones? See? This very post is an example of Saturn on Jupiter! I’m working (Saturn) to expand (Jupiter) my mind (Jupiter), my income (2nd House), my faith (12th House), and so on. Saturn sextile Venus: commit to making money, commit to making love 🙂

And you? Tell us about a good transit you’re having!

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