Which Tarot Card Are You Today?

"new moon in aries"

Mercury retrograde. Mars retrograde. Saturn retrograde…

The feeling of wanting to get things moving again. The feeling of feeling stuck. AND YET. Things DO keep moving, things change. No matter how they feel.

Know the feeling? 

I feel the need to pull a few Tarot cards…

I decided to do a 3-card spread. One card representing love. The next card representing money/career. The third card representing home.

I don’t want to reveal my cards but I will say.. I need to decode these cards.

The LOVE card is Pentacles, earthy, practical, reliable. Do I have more love or support than I realize.

The career/money card is Major Arcana and signifying Relationship/Libra (although this may not be the traditional read for this card). It’s almost as though these two cards are in mutual reception 😉  and perhaps they ARE i.e. intertwined.

All roads lead back to my 2nd House Saturn transit: earning money, earning self-worth. What is good enough. What will fall away.

The final card, for home, tells me that… there is still more work to do in my current situation for whatever reason and that I can’t understand it all now. And that, perhaps, the work I need to do NOW, my literal work, I need to do HERE. And that (pulled another card) there will be a rebirth here, emotionally. And that I must… create it. Hmm...

If all is so fine as wine, according to these cards, why do I wake up feeling so… I can’t think of the words so I will pull a card to represent how I felt this morning and how I feel lately on many mornings:


Queen of Cups. Am I forgetting my royal lineage 😉 Are you?

Do your cards ever NOT match how you feel? 


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