Which Sign Doesn’t Want to Get Out of Bed?

Are you an early riser? Do some signs wake up earlier than others? Who longs to stay in bed the longest? For me, it’s always different. If I haven’t slept well, and this happens frequently, due to frisky cats waking me up, or not, then I want to sleep until I feel I’m done. Otherwise, if all is well, I get a morning adrenalin rush and want to get up! Not to run to work, mind you, but to… make my coffee, plan my day, listen to the birds, maybe meditate, eat breakfast, etc. I rush to relax at times.

I’m Cancer Sun with Virgo Moon and am a serious homebody. My chart is fairly balanced between North and South though and I need social time, as well as solitude. A busy 11th House assures this. But once I’m fed? Then let me return to my room and my quiet and my routines and the hum of the computer and my music. Got to have music. And my Taurus roommate? I don’t know what her inner process is but, yeah, sleeping late, arriving late, she thinks that time e x p a n d s.

And you? What’s your sign? How do you get up in the morning?

Note to self: take a shower in 45 minutes.

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