Where’s Your North Node?

"north node in the 6th house"

I have my North Node in the 6th House. Conjunct my descendent but yes on the 6th House side and turning points in my life have all involved my WORK.

Climbing out of a lifetime of depression – yes, a lifetime – involved finding my Right Work.

It’s a Buddhist phrase I think: Right Livelihood.

So think about your North Node in this way. Is your North Node in the 4th? You must find your Right Home, Right Family.

North Node in the 7th? Right Marriage (to a person? to an idea? to God? With who or what do you partner?)

North Node in the 9th: Right Perspective!! Who and what do you teach?

North Node in the 12th? Right Psychology: stop hurting yourself

North Node in the 8th: The Right Relating: how do you treat others?

North Node in the 2nd: Right Possession is self-possession!

North Node in the 1st: Right Body. You exist with or without a partner.

North Node in 11th: Right Ego: it’s more about them and less about you.

And so on. You try it!


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