Where The Wild Things Are: The Stars This Weekend!

Uranus square Pluto and the New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse:

do you know where *your* Wild Things are — and how to survive the weekend INTACT?

I was chatting with a friend today online.

I’m a winner, I told her.

I’ve never said anything like that in my life. Much less felt it. I’m not rich. Not famous 🙂

But I said to her: I made it this far, intact. I’ve loved. I’ve been loved. And no one can take it away. In all my middle-aged glory, I won. I survived my life. Survived poverty, unemployment, fear, trauma, humiliation, bad boyfriends 🙂 self-sabotage, being a stranger on this earth, outsider, isolation. You know, I had years when I was younger — couldn’t look anyone in the eye. Ever. And I still don’t like it! Eventually I stopped caring about fitting in (was I 14?) and I slowly slowly built myself up. Now I’m 43. Had no one but angels in my corner. And an essential friend or two 🙂 So really, I know the pain you speak of. Even if your circumstances are different than mine.

What does all this have to do with the planetary shit storm this weekend? Um, everything.

(Shout out to my homegirl Miss E. who is having a life-saving surgery tomorrow. I look forward to chatting with you again.)


Images I’m getting: lines drawn in the sand. Standing your ground. Fighting. I keep seeing Mr. Seven ‘O Wands. It’s now or never. Maybe not all the solutions but the realizations. You fucked up. Question is whether it’s too late. Honestly I don’t know. I’d have to talk to you one on one. And you know what I’d say: Pray. And run like hell. And that’s a metaphor. What I mean is you can’t sit still with the energy this weekend, no matter how hard you try. You have to outsmart it. Otherwise the frantic fire (Uranus in ARIES) will consume you. Pluto in Capricorn will berate you. Hmmm. Choose words wisely but keep moving. Faster. Go faster and farther than the fire. That’s how you beat it. That’s how you get home free. You need Mercury now more than ever. Mercury is FAST. Mercury is FLIGHT. Mercury retrograde = additional sleight of hand and bob and weave and outright lies. Don’t you believe ’em. Because the truth actually is crazy clear these days and sure as shit will be so on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Thing is: you’re afraid to see it. Because it’s not what you thought.


You want numbers? I got numbers in my handy dandy little book here. The Eclipse itself is at 11 Scorpio. Uranus/Pluto at 9 degrees Aries/Capricorn and our other planet friends are hovering nearby. So you can look in your chart for 7/8 to 12/13. Even go a little more if you want. My Sun is at 16 Cancer. Call it a wide trine. Or not 😉

And, yeah, the New Moon is conjunct Saturn. JOY 😉 We do not like Moon and Saturn together, no we do not, AND YET it happens so reckon with it we must. I see you grinning in your sober somberl. Go out in the backyard and DIG SOMETHING UP (very Scorpio, getting to the root). And if you ain’t got a backyard, you got a heart, don’t you? Dig around in there a while. Curse how frozen you’ve become. Finger stick it. ARE YOU EVEN STILL ALIVE? WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR? NAME IT!

But back to the numbers 🙂 Venus is the odd girl out here in late Sagittarius but I’m sure she’s pleasing somebody somewhere 😉 Jupiter in Cancer at 20 degrees.

But MoonPluto, where is the advice part of this blog post? 


HERE is the advice part of this blog post: the SEVEN OF WANDS.

Fight for it. 

That is all.

Love, MP


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