Where The Secrets Are: Jupiter Through The 12th House


Is it time to be MORE yourself? Allow your true nature to shine?

And if you feel you want it big or want to make it big, HOW do you do that? And what exactly are we talking about?

More travel?
More money?
More power?
More love?
More experience?
More creation?
More music?
More WHAT?

And which planet is aligned with your desire?

It’s time for me to get out the dry erase board and do some brainstorming because Neptune is square my MC and Neptune is retrograde now and ????

I blog here. I blog on Beliefnet. I do my readings/consults. I help people. We may have found a new place to live so God willing this summer get settled and I can focus on these questions and answers in more detail. I’M A PRACTICAL PERSON. I CANNOT REST I CANNOT DREAM UNTIL THE PRACTICAL IS ALSO RESTING i.e. home, bills, payment plans, cats fed, room straightened. ORDER. And sex. Lots of sex. I need sex to put my mind AT EASE MOON PLUTO CONJUNCTION IN THE 1ST HOUSE, PEOPLE! 

And today a friend was reminding me to meditate. She said to me: THAT’S WHERE THE SECRETS ARE. I love my friend Annette she is SO WISE.

I knew this truth once, about meditation. Jupiter in Leo will be a 12th House transit for me. Big meditation 🙂 back to meditation!

I have very little fire in my chart. It needs help. Jupiter will conjoin my Venus in Leo (in the later degrees) and trine my Chiron and Ceres in Aries. I have no planets in Sagittarius but oh my I just realized something: Jupiter in Leo will trine my IC. I have to double-check this because no doubt it will coincide with the move 🙂

So think about it.
How big do you want your life to be?
And WHERE do you want this big?

And to quote Mary Oliver:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

Love, MP

PS Please visit my Facebook. I drew a card for my buddy Annette. 

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