Where Is Saturn Pushing You?

"saturn in scorpio"My natal chart is half social and half solitary. Strong 11th House (Aquarius, friendship) but also Pluto in the 1st House and Venus in the 12th — both of those placements need solitude and retreat.

And I’m realizing that once the subways are truly back to normal and Brooklyn and Manhattan are connected again, (as I edit this post I read that subways are starting to work between Brooklyn and Manhattan again!) I must put effort into being more social. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s a big thing for me. To push it into my life. And that it becomes a meditation that requires effort, watering, but with no attachment to a goal other than doing it. And then I’ll work on my love life 😉

This makes sense for Saturn transiting my 3rd House now. The 3rd House is “short trips” such as going from Brooklyn to the city and Saturn is structure. I have to make the effort. And hmm… as I type this I think I’ll be making these short trips for more reasons that I can imagine now…

Can you see where Saturn is pushing you? 



Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the upcoming Eclipses as well as my usual longer Readings.

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