Where Does It Hurt? Uranus Square Pluto

"uranus square pluto"

This aspect is getting tight tight tighter now but I’m sure you’ve been feeling it building.

Uranus moving forward and Pluto moving back to meet and greet him 😉

Uranus square Pluto: it’s out of your control.

Pluto rules compulsion, obsession and Uranus disrupts. Put these two together in hard aspect and… what remains after the jettison?

Plenty, but I think some shiftshaping’s to come.

Buy a new mirror (which reminds me I told a friend today to cover her walls with mirrors so she could lasso her Neptune better).

Uranus square Pluto: decisions will be made in the blink of an eye. Or less time than that. But the thing is… these guys move slowly in the sky. Any snap decision you’ve made since… this weekend… was NOT out of the blue.

The ACTION may have been out of the blue, but admit it… you’ve been dreaming, planning, scheming, willing yourself to this very moment RIGHT NOW.

Find the houses (where these planets are transiting in your chart) because that is where it hurts.

Uranus square Pluto is not birds singing and sweet weather and the smell of good food cooking from the apartment next door. It’s destructive. It’s destruction. It’s disaster (or so it feels). It’s forcing an end to get to a beginning that you CANNOT SEE. Yet.

Grow, baby, grow. You have miles and miles to go. Step. By step. By step.

Anything break in your life lately?

Love, MP

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