Where Are You Being Tested? Full Moon Eclipse In Scorpio

I don’t like these tests any more than you do. I pray for easy tests.

The first eclipse (in the early degrees of Scorpio) isn’t up to much in my chart. Or so I think. Trines my North Node (and descendent). I’m expecting culmination. Something being settled in that area of my life. Full Moons, as I often tell people, bring news, revelation. With an eclipse, that much more so.

I’m also feeling it will take as long as it will take. Patience will be required. Ever try to rush a Taurus? Good luck with that. Their clocks are different 🙂

I mention Taurus because a Full Moon (Eclipse) in Scorpio means the Sun is in Taurus. It’s an opposition. An argument. Combat. People, events, from OUTSIDE you. Pushing you. And you can’t control it, you can’t control them. And there really is no escape. Are you kidding? From Scorpio relentless intensity and the wall of stubborn that is Taurus? No escape at all. You have to deal with it.

Taurus is a fertile sign but Scorpio rules death. I don’t want to say this Moon is stillborn but the conjunction to Saturn is dark matter. You have to give birth to it. Get it out of your body so you can heal.

My advice, for the moment, for today, is to do what we’ve been doing in meditation class: set a little goal and then sit down.

Where are you being tested? And about what? And why? 

Love, MP


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