When Venus Stops Being A Problem

"saturn transit through the 2nd house"Or when Mars stops being a problem. Or Saturn. Or Pluto.

Can you imagine? Is it possible? To master certain energies in your life? Lessons learned. Possible? Is this what a bodhisattva is?

More questions:

Do new problems arise when a long-standing one is solved? Or it’s not that those new problems are new but… you just couldn’t get to them before. You were too busy surviving. Have you experienced this? Have you solved something in your life and truly MOVED ON? And how did you know for sure?

Moved on from the worry and/or your circumstances changed.

I feel like I am at the threshold of this. Of solving something and now I can look around at the other broken toys on the floor, see what needs mending. There is work to be done.

Saturn is leaving Libra. Saturn is leaving my 2nd House.

What did you learn? What are you learning?

Love, MP

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