When The Summer Comes Undone: Uranus Square Pluto

"uranus square pluto"

A wild and wicked week so far.  A wild and wicked day.

I remember telling a client the other day that this day may find her feeling topsy turvy because she’s ruled by the Moon (Cancer Rising) and the Moon made so many aspects today and not all of them while she was sleeping 😉

The Moon is now in early Capricorn: can I get a collective UGH!

Nothing against the Moon in Capricorn but you know she will square Uranus (volatile) and conjunct Pluto (ahem) and okay okay okay think about this: later in spring and summer when the open hand that now exists between Uranus and Pluto becomes a fist and the Moon comes around to Capricorn. It’s like… fuck… Another Summer Of The Cardinal T-Square.

And then when the faster moving planets enter Cancer, we’ll get Grand Crosses during Capricorn Moon time.

Or you, your chart, may fill out the t-square!


I feel like we’re all slipping and sliding into something but we don’t know what. Life appears to go on as usual but nothing is as usual and nothing will be as usual. Know the feeling?


The Aries energy has been workin’ me. Aries is my 8th House. The Sun’s in Aries. Mercury will head back into Aries soon enough. Me no like transiting planets through my 8th. My 8th House has a  “Please Leave” sign on the door. Chiron prefers not to be teased.

Triangles, love and otherwise, are Pluto’s domain and I keep hearing about them or stepping in them. Manipulation, sorcery, shrewdery (I made up that word), all kinds of yuck, some of it mine!

Triangles happen when we cannot… well… why do they happen? Is it fear of true Pluto? Intimacy? Because the truth would ruin everything we hide behind?


Stray thoughts on the Venus in Gemini transit because I was responding to one of the comments and thought I’d bring the topic here to the main page.

I think we’ll KNOW STUFF, we’ll acquire useful, practical knowledge, answers, but we won’t know much of anything until it’s over. Think about it. Venus is love. Gemini talks. She’s going to be talking and talking and talking and talking with her mouth and her hands all over our lives, all over the house(s) she’s transiting.

Our job? To listen. To take notes. To not say any vows until Venus sings her last Gemini note because things will change. You will go one way. Then you will go another way. And then you will (may?) go back. ‘

And this Venus in Gemini chick? She’s going to sextile Uranus in Aries (which will be squaring Pluto). More about that next time…

Do you have planets in the early degrees of Libra or Aries or Cancer or Capricorn? 


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