When Pluto Touches Your Junk

"moon conjunct pluto"

Regarding your natal chart:

Pluto in aspect to a Personal Planet intensifies that planet –for better or worse.

Let’s talk Venus for example, but this applies to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus.

Let’s say that the “behavior” or expression of Venus exists on a continuum.  She has a “range of motion.”  From love, attraction, and desire to passion,compulsion, obsession, danger. And yes a whole range of goodies in between the extremes.


When Pluto is in hard aspect or conjunction to one of your Personal Planets? That shit (Pluto rules excrement and the organs involved) must MOVE.

Move through you.

Keep the nutrients; dump the rest.

Sun Pluto can be a willful rebel without a cause. Cutting off nose to spite face type. On the high side, ability to overcome walls and bridges of setbacks.

Moon Pluto can be emotional intensity, unable to regulate inner storms and thus unable to regulate life, easily triggered. But also emotional depth.

Mercury Pluto is the mental realms, in hard aspect can become OCD (esp if otherwise afflicted) or paranoia. Or merely sharp/insightful words and a probing mind.

Venus Pluto: possession, obsession, manipulation of loved ones. And/or loyal to the death.

Mars Pluto:  power plays, domination, violence. This aspect puts force beneath Pluto’s invisible iceberg. An aspect impossible to hide for long.

Until a person reaches a fine tuned self-awareness, they are likely unaware of how their Pluto manifests, and even then it can be hard for them to see. People don’t like to admit it.

“Who? Me? Manipulate? Who? Me? Violent?  Oh no, not me!”

But um yeah it’s you too.


Pluto rules replication and compulsion.  Pluto problems are Pluto problems because we CAN’T STOP.

Pluto rules the masses so imagine the masses inside you, setting you up or cheering you on.

Pluto will bend to your will if you… can master the energy. Pluto wants to be mastered. I swear this is true.

But Pluto will grin either way because she likes, loves, the drama.  She will smile when you beat your kid and she will smile when you comfort a sick or sad friend for hours, days, on end.

She wants you to ACT.  See what I mean? She doesn’t care what you DO. (But your soul does. God does.)

You must master this energy because Pluto isn’t about morality. The morality i.e. the balance, must come from you.  You must change your life.

Your thoughts?


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