When I Think About The New Moon In Capricorn, I…

"new moon in capricorn 2011"

…think about the thrilling aspects she is making to Pluto (conjunction) and Jupiter (trine). I love this combination. It’s real and it’s deep and it’s solid and it’s thorough and it’s GOOD, it feels wholly good to me. It’s like sinking your hands in — no — sinking your arms in, up to your elbows in — no — your entire body. Taking a bath in… earth. Ambition. Meaning. Without either? Good as dead. DO SOMETHING. Build. Your one and only life. Saturn is our work, right? Saturn is our meaning too.

It was a challenging day today and suddenly cold in the big city after some oddly warm days and I came home to continue with some readings and I felt like I was INSIDE them. It doesn’t always feel that way even though I’m told to have faith. My South Node in Virgo always needs that reminder.

The New Moon in Capricorn sings to you potential for the year ahead. 2012. Yes, the goat is singing.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy New Year to those who celebrate…

The New Moon is for everyone. For me it’s late in my 4th House and I’m torn, actually, whether to read it for my 5th, although I’d like to 🙂

Solid. That’s my New Moon intention. That word right there. In my 4th House and in my 5th House. Solid. And fuck all ye un-solid elements in my world. You’re on your way out. Because I’m building now. Brick by brick by brick.

And you? 

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