When Do You Leave? Remembering Saturn In Virgo

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Do you leave situations before they get really bad? Or do you wait until bad becomes unbearable. In both instances, you know it can’t last, but one person waits, kinda hoping. The other type? They run.

I remember reading once that Pisces types (Pisces North Node, too much 12th House, for example) tend to stick around too long. I know that I have. You get dirt on your face from situations wiping their feet on ya.

Related tangent: was on the phone the other day with my sister and worried about these strange small winged flying things around the apartment. Fruit flies? Gnats? And she said, Yes, you have the problem with pestilence!

Too many times in my life, I’ve gotten bugged which usually signaled, I swear, that it was time to leave that place, actually PAST THE TIME to leave.

One of these transits was Saturn (harsh) in Virgo on my Moon (home) and Pluto (disgusting) with transiting Uranus (sudden) in Pisces opposing. More than the big squeeze – it was the big And We Shall Destroy You. I had to leave and had to leave fast. Lost almost everything. And then came the rebuild. Such things are possible.

It makes me think of the Magician card in the Tarot. The skill to create something out of nothing. As above so below. We mirror God when we create. And when we survive.

So how do you leave? And can you connect it to your natal?

Although I have a Cancer Stellium, it’s in my 11th House. I can definitely GO (i.e. Uranus knows how to flee). But I cling until forced out. My goal? To not wait that long.

And you?

Note to self: Moon square Saturn: remembering hard times past

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