What’s Your Rising Sign?

"moon pluto"
Virgo Rising

By the time I wanted to have a baby, it was too late. Although I couldn’t imagine a life of… playgroups and school conferences and… whatever.

And maybe it’s not TOO LATE but how soon is NOW?

And it wasn’t even until my 30s that a truthtelling Sagittarius Sun with a load of Scorpio told me that she saw me as a mother, that I should be a mother, no question about it. No one else had ever said this to me or thought of me this way, far as I knew. Not my own mother and surely not myself. This friend saw me differently, deeper. Or maybe she was just your average Sag: optimistic.

The Rising Sign, among other things, is a reflection of how we were treated when we were young, what was expected of us. I have Virgo Rising: my mother didn’t give compliments and neither do I. I can only say “I love you” when I mean it. When I was a kid I instigated the I Love You thing with my mother. I needed to hear it. I got her to say it. It became our habit. (She was a Scorpio.)

To this day I find compliments embarrassing, insincere. Then again it depends who is giving it and why, and whether I already have a kernel of faith in whatever it is they’re complimenting. Again, the Virgo-Pisces axis: faith, no faith.

Cancer Rising: who were you expected to take care of? Who didn’t take care of you?

Leo Rising: who made you perform?

Taurus Rising: who competed with you in the beauty contest?

Libra Rising: be fair no matter what

And so on.

What’s  your Rising Sign? What does it say about you? 

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