What’s Your Perspective?

venus in the 9th house
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I was emailing someone today who sounded like she’d lost perspective. Lost it a while ago. And what did I find? Natal Venus (love) in her 9th House of higher mind, and transiting Saturn inconjuncting that Venus. Transiting Jupiter, however, will conjunct her Venus in 2012, expanding that love and love of inquiry.

Isn’t it always that way? A slap and a kiss?

She’s a sensitive person and going through some harsh transits, especially due to the retrogrades of the outer planets hovering on her sensitive points. Would be nice to remove the needle instead of jabbing it in farther, don’t you think?

I’ve got Saturn (stop) in my natal 9th (don’t stop). For me to see the forest instead of the trees, I need to work (Saturn) hard. I need to earn (Saturn) it. And I’ve got a lot of Virgo energy which, as you know, squares Sagittarius/Jupiter/9th House.

So when I feel low down or stuck or dejected, I try to remember to look up. Perspective. Horizon. And to respect the distance. Yes, respect. Remember it’s there, like an old friend, someone you forgot about until Facebook brought you back together πŸ˜‰ Or maybe it’s God (also 9th) in the distance, waiting for you to look up.

Thought for Day 1 of Sukkot: it doesn’t matter what your faith or belief is. What matters is that you know that spirit surrounds you with comfort and care, just like the sukkah itself surrounds, envelops those who enter it.

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