What’s Your 8th House Qi: Stagnant Or Free?

"acupuncture"When you have a problem to solve, often a multi-faceted approach is best. Try a few things. Tap into a few streams. Ah, the stream! That’s the image (or one of them) for today’s lesson πŸ™‚

Story: yesterday I requested my roommate open her bedroom window. It’s winter. She’s been keeping things shut. I tend to open windows every day even for a little while no matter how chilly for air circulation, makes things smell better even if there is no bad smell. And not only that, but the cats like it. And not only that, but qi (using the term from Chinese medicine) wants, needs, to flow.

Now that I’m getting acupunctured πŸ™‚ I realize (and not that this is new news, just that it’s on my mind) it’s not just the personal body where qi gets stagnant and doesn’t flow, but also the bigger body we live in, our home!

The 8th House, according to Jeanne Avery, is the house of “where we get our needs met” and this is a childhood house, it refers to not only now, but childhood or (in my opinion) even past lives!

Think about it: the body. The house/home. The houses in the horoscope. Stagnant chi anyone? The energy, the air, needs to flow THERE too and the 8th House has to do with energy we SHARE, as well as resources/energy that come from others (through the family line or not).

An example: the 8th House (Pluto) rules psychoanalysis. The wisdom you derive from such a process is not based on self-discovery alone, but due to the back and forth between you and your shrink. You share the words, you share the room when you talk, there’s give and take, energy (money/time) exchange. And no doubt you help the doc as well (although this is a less popular topic).

There are many traditional and less traditional ways to define the 8th but my main point here is: is your 8th House qi flowing? Are you tapping into the stream? Because this house IS flowing on its own, naturally, but then life and our experiences clog it up and we are born with planets there or not there.

What natal planets do you have there? What is transiting there? Is it free-flowing? Of course good aspects like sextiles and trines cause flow and the harder aspects cause stagnation.

Now even if you have a difficult or temporary qi situation in a particular house, especially the 8th House, all is not lost, but as I was saying at the start, a multi-faceted approach is often best. You find what works to get the stream flowing better and then enter it.

The “cure” could be found in bodywork, like massage. Or talk therapy. Or meditation. Or acupuncture. Or energywork, like Reiki. The cure could be that you need to go on daily walks which bring you insight. Maybe you need to volunteer with horses. Maybe a disciplined approach to prayer. Maybe you need to be more social. Maybe you need to clean the house more often or hire someone to clean the house because they need the money. Maybe you give too much. Maybe you need to give more. Maybe you don’t believe in yourself. Maybe there’s nothing you need to do but “intend.” It could be a physical thing or mental thing or spiritual thing or a combination. Maybe it’s “just” a transit. And yes, I’d like a side of sweet potato fries with that πŸ™‚

Of course we can’t just look at one house in the chart to diagnose just as Mr. Lee, who does my acupuncture, doesn’t just check my pulse or look at my tongue. But it’s one place to start if you are having trouble calling in or attracting what you need.

xo sending love xo


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