What’s In Your 8th House? Are You A Medium? Psychic?

"moon in the 8th house"

I am soooo excited to be here! I’ve had no time to blog today before right now. Been in readings but now I’m happy to be writing 🙂

And I want to talk about last night. I suppose I should talk about The Stars Today or The Stars Tomorrow but first let me talk about last night.

I met up with an out of town friend. She’s has an 8th House Moon. We knew each other a little bit 20 years ago, same circle of friends and have become friends on Facebook.

I had done a reading for her a couple weeks ago and mentioned that when we met up I’d answer questions, do some Tarot, etc.

It has been YEARS since I did Tarot in person. Probably the last time I did Tarot in person was…. 5  years ago, Halloween, and that night I did quickie readings ALL NIGHT. What a 3rd-eye headache I had!

We went to a bar. We were looking for a quiet enough bar. We found one. It was our second choice and good enough and I opened up the cards with some of her questions in mind and I could feel it. I could feel the energy, I could feel the information. It did feel different than it does when I’m alone doing things by email.

Maybe I was a little nervous but it’s like… I could feel the Tarot’s messages snaking through my arms. I felt jumpy, impatient, and I felt that if I didn’t get out what needed to come out that I would forget it. It was pushing on me.

The most interesting part of the evening though was hearing about her clairvoyance which I hadn’t known about. I had told her that it was likely she had some mediumistic ability but when I did her reading I was focusing on other things. Didn’t spend much time on the 8th and WOW what an 8th.

The things she tends to see are.. violent, often frightening. I believe she sees both the past and the future. Sees and feels.

And I began to wonder about the differences between intuitives. For example, I never ever receive such images. Well, the only time I have was when I suspected someone thinking harshly of me ( a psychic attack kind of thing) but otherwise this is not the kind of information that I pick up. I just don’t. And I don’t wish to. She is struggling with how to handle her gift better. I hope I helped. I recommended someone who I thought could help even more. Someone older, who I learned from.

But isn’t it interesting? So many people picking up stuff… and  yet it differs what they pick up.

I have Chiron in the 8th but Chiron in the 8th is NO Moon in the 8th. I was reminded what a powerful placement this is and of the 8th House in general and of its, well, darkness. It’s fucking dark in there. Where are my planets? 11th. Pretty damn bright. 1st House, 2nd House…. I’ve got a 12th House Venus but… it’s different. The pain of the 12th is just different than the pain of the 8th and this is a future blog topic for sure!

What intuitive gifts do you have? And are they gifts or burdens? 


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