What’s A Virgo Moon To Do? Getting From The 5th House To The 7th

"Sun in Cancer"
Billie Holiday

Virgo Moon asks: What is love? When someone tells you that they love you, what does it mean? To them? To you? And do your definitions agree? And if they love you with all the genuine feeling in the world, does it mean that they see you? For who you really are? Deep seeing, deep knowing requires deep attention and patience and who the hell has that? So, tell me, does your lover know who the fuck you are? Do you?? Is there a limit to the capacity to love? Questions, questions.

Yesterday: I was done with my long day and the Moon was in early Cancer squaring my natal Uranus and I experienced a profound tiredness. My energy being eclipsed 🙂 It wasn’t a bad day, but it was a hot and long day and suddenly my legs gave out, metaphorically speaking. I made a phone call: “where’s the Moon now?” People like us, star gazers, we keep track. We want to know.

But back to love. Those words: I love you. Do you say them easily? Did your parents say them? To you? Is there a time when you don’t want to say them? When your lover says them over and over and is waiting for response, is hoping, is counting on your reciprocity, and that those incantational words can make up for everything up to this point, up to this love, which has changed the story of his life?

What do the words I love you convey? Devotion? Compassion? Desire? Camaraderie? Deep caring? Forsaking all others? Gratefulness?

I love cool weather. The 5th House is the house of fun and games and love. I love beets in garlic juice and lemon. The 7th House is the house of marriage, the house of contract. I love the tv show Deadwood. The 8th House is the house of intimacy and sex. I love many things. I love the songs of Billie Holiday who sang so eloquently about the pain of love. Note to self: need to look up her chart.

My question for you then is this: how do you get from the 5th House to the 7th House. You can’t do it alone, Virgo Moon. 

Virgo Moon’s answer: how you get there is through the 6th House, the house of work and daily maintenance, routines. Virgo’s natural house. That’s what stands between.

I love saying this: Saturn is still in Libra, folks. Saturn is work. Libra is relationship. When you work at relating, you increase your chances of going from the 5th to 7th to the 8th, which is union, fulfillment. 

Virgo Moon asks because Virgo Moon wants to know. And it’s not about the worry. It’s about research, it’s about seeking answers, which is fun, especially when Virgo Moon knows there may be no answer. See? The highest level of Virgo moves towards Pisces towards mystery towards letting go. You ask and you ask and you ask and you ask and… then? Pisces Power! The ineffable.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I wish I had time to write another 3 or 4 blog posts this morning, but it will have to wait until later 🙂

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