What’s A Cancer To Do? With ALL THOSE FEELINGS?

Fascinating conversation got started yesterday in one of the chat rooms–

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But about the fascinating conversation: two Cancers talking! One Cancer lady was asking me how I MANAGE IT i.e. manage my emotions — having Sun, Mercury, Mars in the sign and an intense Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo. (Moon and Mercury in mutual reception.)

She also has a Cancer/Virgo combo and a job where she has to be normal every day. More than normal. Intense professional. Capricorn Rising!

See, for the last ten years or so, I’ve had jobs where I can cry if the mood strikes (Cancerian heaven!)

And you know what? I really hadn’t realized before the answer I gave her. I mean, her question prompted me to think about it once more.

She said: I’VE NEVER SEEN YOU EXPLODE. She felt that my chart could be a power keg (due to all the emotional intensity) BUT — I told her — I don’t have oppositions in my chart so I’m not lashing out here and there and certainly not on-line. I lash out on the INSIDE. I’ve got a lot of squares. And supportive sextiles too. AND, I added, if it happens anywhere, it will happen AT HOME (Moon = home. Pluto = tyranny). My conjunction is well-aspected though, all around my chart. Hurt my Cancerian tender feelings and yes I WILL GO PLUTO on you. But I have *to care* — I have to EXPECT MORE FROM YOU – to get *that* hurt.

AND THEN I HAD MY REVELATION as I continued to chat… that how I manage my storehouse of passion and intensity is HERE. In my work. Writing, blogging, working with clients, posting on Facebook, working with clients some more (exercising that psychic MoonPlutoness) sharing in the chat rooms. By sharing WHAT I HAVE. By sharing my RESOURCES, my passion, my intensity, my Virgoan sincerity. That’s how! And often in public (Cancer in the 11th House). Emphasis on SHARING. Energy exchange. So I need to get something back. I create a circuit and my clients and readers choose to keep the current fresh, moving, alive — WITH me. It’s a choice I make to put ME out there. And a choice they make to latch on.

What’s a Cancer — or other sensitive — supposed to do? What do YOU do? 

Love, MP


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