What Not To Do On A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

1. Fight with your boyfriend

2. Experiment with Β your blog’s template (Sorry for the Under Construction look)

3. I don’t know if there is a three. All I know is that #1 and #2 are enough. Yesterday I felt agitated, emotional. And today? Today came the tears. Poor thing, the boy. He handled it well though. He even said the S-word. Sorry. First time I’ve ever heard him say it. I blame the lunation.

I have no words of wisdom tonight, no poetry, no inspiration. Just real life. Yelling at your boyfriend that he may as well find someone else because of x and y and z. What’s the astrology? YOU KNOW the fucking astrology.

I suggested to him: maybe we should speak on Thursday, skip Wednesday, skip the exact degree, you know? Well, he didn’t agree. So we’ll see. I’ll be working, running around, trying to get the best seat on the train. All I know is… I am feeling this and… now that I think about it… it was a good cry. And maybe I’ve got a bit more in me yet. One of those pure water cries, no malice, no manipulation, just the river.

Okay. Gearing up. Here comes the wisdom. Don’t go to bed angry. If you fight with someone, call them up. Tell them you love them. Say it more than once. Make sure they hear it. Even if they don’t believe you.

I don’t know why I feel we’re all in this together. Maybe because more people have been commenting. Slowly, slowly, a little community is building. This makes me happy. Thanks for reading.

Happy Eclipse, y’all.

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