What You Need Is Changing: Your Progressed Moon

"full moon in pisces"This odd thing is happening. I am feeling that I want to do more phone/in person readings and fewer email readings.

Not that I would refuse email and I still love doing readings by email, but I think my process is changing and I am feeling the desire to have the person THERE (phone, IM) to respond to and get feedback from in the moment.

I’d say 85% of my readings this year were email. Maybe 90% and the other night I was in an IM with someone and the immediacy was so… it just made sense, especially for the Tarot I was doing. I felt connected in a way that was enhanced by having the person “there.”

My point in talking about this is that it has been a gradual thing, a process. Nothing I was planning on or really thinking about but the need is changing. Growing. My need.

The 8th House, according to Jeanne Avery is the “how we get our needs met” house and my Progressed Moon is there, in Aries. Some kind of freedom, eh? Regarding 8th House matters. Dependency. Support. Psychic stuff. Money. Sexual freedom. Aries just wants to DO IT and go. So different from my natal plodding and planning Virgo Moon.

Where your progressed Moon is will signal a change in what you need, a change in what makes you feel secure.

Take a peek at your progressed chart. Tell us what you see. 

Love, MP


Commercial! I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Pisces but not scheduling these until later in the week, starting Wednesday. You know how to find me! moonpluto@gmail

Also I haven’t changed my rates yet on the site but Mini-Moons will be $40 starting September 1st

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