What You Need For The Grand Trine In Earth Signs

"grand trine in earth"

Grand trine in earth grand trine in earth grand trine in earth. Something to hold onto. And why not?

And ya know even if it’s NOT aspecting something sweet in your chart, it’s still HAPPENING in your chart. This formation. It’s like… it’s a picnic transit. ¬†Outside on the grass with your beloved eating grapes. And the weather is good. No bugs. Everyone has perfect skin. It’s quiet. You’re the right age for whatever it is you’re doing or want to do. There’s hope.

This image makes me think of college days. I don’t think I had any thoughts when I was in college. Not like everyone else that I knew. They all seemed focused despite their avid drug use. By accident I wound up in a poetry class and stuck with that. It was the one thing I could do. The ONE THING. Then I went for an MFA. Did that just fine but life derailed right after and then came THE YEARS.

It is possible to dig yourself out. Could take 25 years. But what else are you doing? Grand Trine in EARTH. 

Got shovel? Start digging!!