What Will You Do With This Leo Stellium?

"Leo Rising"
my favorite Leo Rising

I know I’m already waving my Virgo flag but it would be wrong of me not to salute Leo before this shift from summer fun (Leo) to harvest time (Virgo).

In our sky right now we’ve got a stellium in Leo: Sun, Venus, and Mercury Retrograde! And when the Moon in Aries, which follows the Moon in Pisces, catches up to this lion’s tail? There will be even more fabulous fire. You are likely experiencing an energy burst in the area of your chart where Leo is in charge.

I love Leo. Leos are the kittycats of the Zodiac. They may roar, but they purr too when you stroke their fur. Aries is war and Sagittarius shoots arrows but Leo? Rules the theatre, rules play.

Leo is my 12th House and my dreams have been pretty vivid lately. I’ve also been delving deep, getting readings, feeling quiet, less social, even writing less. The Leo stellium is giving me the animal passion to look within although at times it does feel like a prison (12th House).

Leo rules the heart so I encourage you to focus on love during this transition time from Leo to Virgo. Who do you love? What do you love? DO YOU love? Do you want to love? Do you want to love more? What is love? Moving from Leo to Virgo is a great time to define love. Why? Because Virgo (precision) LOVES (Leo) to break it down.

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