What Will Saturn in Scorpio Feel Like? (part 1)

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When I first think of Saturn, the negative keywords come to mind:  fear, oppression, depression. But there are neutral keywords for Saturn and positive ones too.

Limitation, for example, is not always negative. Without limitation, there are no laws. At all. My natal Saturn takes some good aspects in my chart. I like laws.

Here’s a quote from the late great Isabel Hickey: “Saturn’s goal is perfection. Through the chastening process of testing, sorrow, delay, disappointment, limitation, and privation, man learns the purpose of life is not pleasure but to gain experience, patience, humility, wisdom, and compassion.”

Sounds like she knows.

Now this process she describes doesn’t sound like, um, fun, but it sounds like LIFE, it rings true. Saturn is reality. Saturn is true. Saturn can be harsh but like Hickey says, it’s a PROCESS, we’re on our way there. We will have time to rest. Later.

Are you under Saturn the Steamroller these days? I am. Transiting Saturn is inconjuncting my natal Saturn AND squaring my Sun and Mercury. He’s pretty close to squaring my Mars too.

The other day I felt like I was being hammered, literally. That I was a piece of steel being banged into shape. Now this sounds more like a Pluto metaphor to me, but I kept feeling it was Saturn and it was in regards to a certain relationship in my life… that I was being… chiseled at, refined and that it was/is hard hard work: Saturn in Libra.

Saturn in Scorpio: we will be forced (and I do mean forced) to define Pluto, to contact it, to penetrate (Scorpio) it as it penetrates us. To understand it.

Practically speaking, people may not want to get close. Or may work hard to get close. Some will be really cut out for this transit and others… will hide under the bed 😉

Scorpio is a relationship sign, the most profound one, and Saturn through Scorpio is bound to be satisfying to YOU, the deeper you go.

Saturn in Scorpio fears looking at what’s underneath, fears the unconscious, fears what’s hidden, fears change. It takes courage to look under the bed. It takes courage to enter therapy. It takes courage to examine why you are the way you are and to say to self: fuck, this isn’t working! I am locked into unconscious patterns and I am truly fucking up my relationships and my life! Saturn in Scorpio will see all of us grappling with our muck and our drek, either by engaging it or by avoiding it. Which will you choose?

Saturn in Scorpio is fear of sex, fear of the orgasm, fear of getting close and I mean REAL closeness. Not this bullshit 5th House sex for pleasure thing. I am talking DEEP DEEP DOWN.

According to Hickey, Pluto’s energy is underground and invisible. You will be walking through tunnel after tunnel after tunnel like a miner. What holds you back? How can, will, you unearth it? You will work hard to unearth it. You will go inwards and down down down down down.

And it is fitting of course to go from Libra to Scorpio. Libra is the 7th House, the marriage, and Scorpio is the 8th House, the union, sex.  With Saturn in Scorpio? We’ll be thinking about sex A LOT.

We work through (Saturn) our fear (Saturn) of relationship (Libra/7th) and then comes (Scorpio) the intimacy (8th House).  It’s the dark prize! We got our relationship on stable ground (or we left it) and now we must learn (Saturn) sharing (Scorpio).

Sex is spiritual. If you don’t know that by now, then I can’t help you. Or maybe I can. Sex is spiritual and God knows this. Don’t you want to know what God knows? To let someone into your body… is an act of holy trust. The reason it feels good is… to distract us from how fucking profound it is. Because if we truly understood, we wouldn’t do it all. We’d die.

What do you understand about sex? About the 8th House/Scorpio/Pluto? 

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